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Choosing between SmartBro and Globe Visibility: Make the right choice – THROW your GLOBE VISIBILITY right away! night, I had the opportunity to try SmartBro and Globe Visibility in my laptop. I first used SmartBro, because I’m used to a decent internet connection at home, it was so much pain to wait for 30 secs to load a single page. It also took quite a while to update my emails in Outlook and my Yahoo! IM was in lag. So, I kept working because I had to finish my presentation for the following day. A night after I realized that I had a post paid Globe Visibility in my back pack, which I bought a few months ago. I used this device I think only twice when I really had no choice. For the third time I had no choice, so plugged the USB device and found out that the device was not detected because I installed SmartBro a night before.. THE F**K!!!! So i ended up uninstalling everything and reinstalling the darn Globe Visibility and to my surprise, the darn thing won’t install its drivers.. THE F**K!!! Does Globe products behave like this? Maybe their iPhones are the same thing – I WON’T EVEN TRY. We had plans in our office that all of us will buy iPhones but what happened with me, they surely can count me out! Back to the darn kit, since I’m quite handy with tech stuff, I was able to install the driver and got the thing working. Set everything and tried opening a web page, Google’s home page that is. Imagine, it took more than a minute to load the darn page! THE F**K!!! This is freakin’ stupid! I know that I’m only in GPRS and that with the same connection type, SmartBro was way better! Now I tried opening my IM. WOW! 3 minutes just to login! SUPER F**K! And as for my Outlook, more than 5 minutes… AMAZINGLY SSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW for heaven’s sake!!!!!

After this experience, all I can say is the “F” GLOBE – the “F”… I wonder why I signed for the Globe broadband. But one thing I can promise. If the internet speed that I will have is way below than they claim, then kiss my freakin’ “A” goodbye cause I won’t be paying anything. As for my GLOBE Visibility, in the trash to which it deserves…

I think, NO GLOBE service/products for me from now on. Sorry Globe lovers, you can never convince me otherwise.

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