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A new version of Avira Antivirus is out

imageWhen I booted my pc two weeks ago, I had a pop near my system tray saying that there is a new version of Avira Antivirus. Downloaded that software and it was very much like the older version but probably changes were done under the hood. I used Avira (the Free version) for  more than 3 years now and I have no problem with it.

When installing the software, everything was nearly automated and all performed without a glitch. I now have the latest version of Avira running in my pc.

You can download Avira from here and you can configure the software by following the instructions here. A small note though, you can also configure the Extended threat categories from ConfigurationGeneral. You can use Select all or have the configuration modified to your liking. As of me, I don’t play games that much, so I used Select all. Also, when you configure the Actions for concerning files, you have the choice to do an Automatic or Manual action. For me, I used Automatic with Repair as the Primary action and Delete for the Secondary action. I also unchecked Copy file to quarantine before action cause what it did was place file that it detected as virus to the quarantine folder and had my drive space occupied by these files. But it is your choice though, just try to delete the quarantined files once in a while to free disk space.

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