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About Me and Borge Tech

My Emblem I am Borge (that’s what my close cousins usually call me) and I work part-time instructor and full time freelance consultant. I usually do GIS (Geographic Information System) and RS (Remote Sensing) work in my consultancy – this is where I earn most of my living. Big Grin

I created this blog back in 2007 when most of my friends where infected with the SCVHOST.EXE virus (or probably trojan – I don’t know the technicalities between the two). Somehow, I managed to successfully remove the virus from one of the pc’s without using a virus scanner (It was all damn LUCK!). Because antivirus software's that time does not have a virus definition for SCVHOST.EXE, there was nothing we can do stop it from spreading, so we have to manually repair the pc’s. A friend of mine suggested to Borgecreate a blog outlining the step-by-step guide on how to remove the virus – thus Borge Tech was born. Not much of a place in the web though, but currently, this is were a write things about what I discover as I poke and tweak my PC. Devil

I hope to keep this site running indefinitely. Probably, as long as I have an internet connection at home, I will keep posting – not regularly though, cause I have to work and eat too! This man needs to earn to survive.Smug

For the template of this blog, I’ve got numerous site to thank. Thanks to all of you guys!

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