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Downloading data from GPS


I finally decided to write about the things that I do for a living. After all, this is what I do most, then why not blog about it. So, here it is a new label in my blog – GPS. I will try to write the simple things that you can do with your GPS, and yes, that includes Geotagging. For now, I will just have a tutorial on how to download GPS data from any (As long as EasyGPS supports your device that is) GPS unit.

I’d recommend using EasyGPS because it’s FREE and you don’t need to a geek to use it. It’s as easy as clicking buttons. You can also open the .gpx file from EasyGPS in Google Earth and that this is the only software that I now that can help your easily geotag photos. Follow the step by step guide below to download your GPS data.

Needed software: EasyGPS and device driver for USB attached GPS (mine is in COM so I do not need a device driver)

Needed hardware: GPS unit (Magellan, Garmin or anything supported by EasyGPS – see Configuring your GPS receiver in the software’s manual) and GPS data cable

Step-by-Step Guide of downloading GPS data using EasyGPS.

  1. You need to download first EasyGPS here.
  2. Install the software. Just follow the instructions and you can never go wrong.
  3. During the final stage of the installation, you have the option to Launch EasyGPS so launch EasyGPS.
  4. What you need to do now is plug your GPS receiver in your pc using your data cable and turn it On (In case you do not know what a data cable is, this is the wire that came with your GPS unit. If you don’t have one, you can purchase the cable alone). If you are using a cable that hooks to COM port then you can proceed to the next step, if not, you need to install a device driver for your USB cable. Most of the time, device drivers is included in your GPS unit’s package, if not, then you can visit the manufacturer’s site of your GPS receiver and download from there the USB driver.
  5. Once your GPS receiver is connected to your pc and that drivers have already been installed, go back to EasyGPS and click Receive.
  6. There should not be anything in the GPS receiver list. So click Add GPS and you will see the window below.image
  7. You will be given a list of GPS manufacturers, select the manufacturer of your GPS receiver.
  8. From the Models column, select your GPS model and click Ok.
  9. Select the Port where your GPS receiver is attached. This can be quite daunting sometimes, the best thing to determine which port is your GPS receiver attached to is to right click on My Computer, then select Manage and choose Device Manager. Look for Ports and you will find there the port that are active or available. My device is attached to COM port 1. This is where most of the of the GPS receivers are attached. For the Speed, do not change the default value. Click Ok.
  10. You will have your GPS receiver listed, click Ok and you will see the window below.image
  11. Just click Ok. EasyGPS will download your GPS data.image
  12. Once complete, you can Save your data in .gpx (GPS Exchange File) file format. You can also open your gpx file in Google Earth.

You are done. If you still have questions. Feel free to post a comment. Next to this blog is how to geotag images the easy way. Hope this helps…

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