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Freepops: An alternative to Ypops!

image It’s been a while since YPops! stopped working for me, even using the latest version of the software, 0.9.3.x. I badly need to download my emails from Yahoo and I want these to be downloaded in Outlook 2007. Out of desperation, I started searching for an alternative to YPops! – and I found Freepops. Though not similar to YPops!, Freepops will only allow you to download emails from Yahoo! but you will not be able to send email in Outlook if you would use a Yahoo! account. Because of this, I am now using Gmail, which automatically creates POP3 settings for me in Outlook.

Below is the step by step guide how you can configure Freepops to work with your Outlook. I know a lot of Outlook users out there would want to know this. If you want to know more about Freepops, here is the Wiki link.

  1. Download Freepops for Windows here. Do not use any download accelerator for this because I have this file uploaded in RapidShare.
  2. Once you have downloaded the file, install it using the default settings.
  3. Before you configure Outlook, it is advisable to update Freepops frist. Click on the Freepops updater from Start – All Programs – Freepops. Just click Next to all choices, Freepops will automatically update all files.
  4. Now, I would also recommend running Freepops as a service. This way, once you boot your pc, you will be able open Outlook and download emails from your Yahoo! mail account, because Freepops is running in your background. To set Freepops to run as a service, click Start – All Programs – Freepops – Service and choose Install Service (default options)
  5. Once done you need to make the service active. You can do this by restarting your pc or my manually starting the service. To manually start the service press and hold Windows key in your keyboard and press R.The run command will open, type [NET START “FreePops”] without the [] and press Enter.
  6. You should receive a message that says service has been successfully started.
  7. You are now done configuring Freepops, it’s now time to configure Outlook.
  8. Click Start – All Programs – Microsoft Office then choose Outlook. If you are using outlook for the first time, then you can continue below, if not you should click Tools – Account settings – New in Outlook.
  9. What you should have by now is Add New email Account window. Make sure you have Microsoft Exchange, POP3… selected and click Next.
  10. At the bottom of the next window, there is an option to manually configure server settings, click on that and click Next.
  11. Choose Internet-email and click Next.
  12. You now need to enter user information. Your name should be anything about you. Email Address would be your Yahoo email address. For the Account Type, make sure have chosen POP3. For the Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server, type You can not use localhost here because we have chosen the default settings for the Freepops service. If you want to use localhost, you can remove the other service and Install Service (-b service installation option. For the logon information, make sure to type your complete email with entry in the username and your password in the password box. You are almost done, click More settings to configure the final touches. On the Advanced tab of More settings, type 2000 for Incoming Server (POP3). Also, set the server timeouts to 10 minutes and check Leave a copy of the message on server and Remove from server when deleted from “Deleted items”.
  13. Click Ok. You need to test first if it is working, so click Test Account Settings. In the task you should be able to Log onto incoming mail server and have a Failed Send test email message. This is normal because Freepops could not use SMTP, unlike YPops!.
  14. Once you have everything tested, then you can click close, then Next and Finally Finish.

You now have your Yahoo! mails forwarded to Outlook. If you have several attachments in a email, all of these will be downloaded in your Outlook. Less hassle of downloading each attachment if you would use a web browser to open Yahoo! mail. Winking

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