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Configure Microsoft Outlook 2007 to Send and Receive Yahoo! Mail

Needed software: Yahoo! Pops, Microsoft Outlook 2007

NOTE: An update has been posted, here.

Setting Yahoo! Pops

1. Download and install Yahoo! Pops by clicking this link.

2. In the Network Settings Tab, in Bind on I.P. address set to ANY, POP3 Port to 110, and enable SMTP then set the port to 25. If this setting won't allow you from retrieving email from yahoo, change ANY to Just ensure that you also use in your for your outlook settings.

Setting Microsoft Outlook 2007

1. Make sure you have Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed in your PC.

2. Launch the software and select Options and choose the Mail Setup tab.

3. Click on Email Accounts.

4. At the E-mail tab, select New.

5. When prompted to Choose the E-mail Service, select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP and click Next.

6. At the Auto Account Setup, check Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.

7. For the next dialog box, select Internet E-mail and click Next.

8. All the information in the Internet E-mail Setup dialog is self explanatory, but make sure you have the following settings: Account type: POP3, Incoming Mail Server: localhost or (use this if you are behind a NAT router).

9. Maker sure that you check Remember password and uncheck Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).

10. Select More Settings to configure additional information for your client.

11. In the Outgoing Server tab, check My outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication and choose Logon using Username and Password. Make sure that the username and password are similar to the previous settings. This is actually your yahoo username and password.

12. In the Advance tab, set the Incoming server (POP3) to 110 and Outgoing server (SMTP) to 25. Set the Server timeouts to Long (10 minutes) and click Ok.

13. Just to make sure that your settings are working, click Test Account Settings. You should be able to send and receive a test message is the settings are correct.

14. If you receive errors, especially those indicating that you have to contact your ISP, you might have not configured your router properly, proceed to the next step to configure your router. If everything is working fine, then you can stop here.

Configuring your router

1. Each router has its own setting so I won't be covering those in this blog. Search Google on how you can access your router settings.

2. Once in your router settings options, select Advanced Tab and choose Virtual Server (this is actually indicated in other sites under the topic Port Forwarding).

3. Make sure you have your Virtual Server POP3 and Virtual Server SMTP ports open. That's port port 110 and 25 (both TCP and UDP) respectively.

Hope this helps.

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