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Using BartPE CD to scan pc for viruses

This is a reply to the request of having a tutorial on how to scan pc using BartPE cd. The cd itself was created using PE Builder which can be downloaded from the net free of charge. This guide will not give instructions on how to create the PE CD itself but how to use the CD for virus scanning and removal. The guide on how to create a BartPE CD will be discussed probably by the next blog (hopefully if I still have the time). This guide assumes that you already have a copy of the CD. I will not upload the CD to a server for the reason that virus definitions and regularly update and probably by the time Google has crawled to this tutorial, the definitions included in the CD are already antiquated. I can only give copies to those who can and will see me at the campus, other than that, you can search again the web on how to create BartPE cd of your own and use this tutorial as a guide on how to use the CD. ;-)


  • A copy of BartPE cd I created
  • A CD rom drive for the PC you are about to scan for viruses
  • A lot of guts - :-)


  1. Make sure that your first boot device in your pc is the CD rom or DVD rom drive. How to do this? Restart your pc, as the monitor displays a lot of sci-fi things on the screen press DEL on your keyboard, this will allow you to enter to your CMOS settings. Note: There are PC's that do not use the DEL key to enter CMOS, if this is the case, consult the User Manual for your PC's mother board. Hint: Try using F2 or F5 if DEL key is not taking you to CMOS settings. Inside your CMOS settings, look for Boot device or something that says about Boot devices or Boot Sequence. Make sure that the first boot device is the CD ROM or DVD ROM drive. Then press F10, then Save your changes on exit.
  2. Place the PE CD on your CD or DVD ROM drive and once prompted to Press any key to boot from CD, press space bar or any key on your keyboard. What will happen is that you will use the CD's OS (PE Environment) to run Windows. It will load as if you are running Windows in your machine. Wait until loading has been completed and you will have a screen similar that of Windows but the start button has been replaced with GO.
  3. So click GO - then Programs and click McAfee VirusScan GUI Wrapper.
  4. In What to scan option check the following: Scan all drives, Scan all local drives, Scan all files regardless of filename extension, Scan subdirectories, Scan inside archive files.
  5. For the Action option, select these: Clean viruses from infected items, Delete infected files, Remove all macros from infected MS Office files.
  6. Check everything and after that, click Scan. The virus scanner will automatically delete viruses, trojans and worms. After scanning is complete you can now close the scanner windows and from the Go menu, select Shutdown - then click Restart. As the PC restarts, remove the PE CD.

Hopefully, all viruses has been eliminated. If you have trojans and worms that starts with windows, you will probably get errors while your start windows, just click ok. This can be removed using Autoruns software. It is also free for download in the web.

I made this tutorial without clarifying most things, if you have questions, please post a comment.

Ihave uploaded a modified version of PEBuilder installer, so you can make your own BartPE CD. Click here.

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Salamat... hahaha.. unta effective ni!!!

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