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Add lyrics and album art to your songs in iTunes

This one I really have to post. Since I had my iPod touch, I'm really hooked into looking for the album art of individual songs and its lyrics. This is good because I have an iPod touch and I want to make it as nice as possible. I have old songs here and does not have an album art as well as lyrics. I did do the manual thing of looking for the files and I found it very in efficient. So here are my tips to make things a little bit automated.

Firstly, you need to have the following software: latest version of iTunes, Evil Lyrics, iTunes Art importer. If you have money, you can buy a software called Media Monkey and TagRunner, what it does is help you organize your music files, and automatically tag songs from Amazon by a simple right click. TagRunner on the other hand makes audio tagging easier. Simply locate the songs in your pc and have TagRunner do everything for your. But there are cases when TagRunner does not know which album art or lyrics from the web so it's back to the manual adding of lyrics and album art.

If you have all of them downloaded and installed, you can begin with the steps now. If not search these files in Google then download and install.


  1. Open iTunes and drag and drop the song you want to add lyrics or album art. If you do not know what drag and drop is, press CTRL+O key on your keyboard and locate the file you want to have lyrics and album art added to.
  2. In iTunes, select that song you recently added then right click on that song and select Get Info. It's better to properly tag the song first before looking for it's lyrics. What I mean with tag is that the song title, artist, and album are the correct ones, because this will be the basis in looking for the song's lyrics. The Get Info option will show you the tag included in that song. If you have taken your song from an "UNCLEAN" source, p2p or etc, you might get a lot of crap like web addresses and other stuff. So clean it properly. The easy was to do this is use Media Monkey. But I'll presume you won't be buying media monkey so back to the manual editing of tag. You can search Amazon for the song title and artist and leave everything else blank.
  3. Once clean, you can now use iTunes Art Importer. What it will do is to add album art to your song so that what you will have in your iPod touch when you play music is the album cover, not merely a gray note. Click the song you have recently cleaned and click the icon in iTunes Art Importer that looks like a magnifying glass. Wait until a match has been found for your song. Now probably it will find a lot of crap, what I would do is to go through each and look for the best match. After finding the best match, click the icon that looks like a disc with an arrow pointing to it. Wait for a second or two to have the album art imported. You will now have an album art for that song. You can also do multiple files at a time imagegiven that the songs you have selected came from the same album of a given artist.
  4. This time, let's add the lyrics. Starting with version 1.1.3 of iPod Touch firmware, you can now see the lyrics for a given song by lightly tapping the song as it is being played. To add lyrics, launch iTunes and then double click on the song you want to have lyrics added. Then launch Evil Lyrics. Automatically, Evil lyrics will be looking for the song's lyrics as it is being played. Say I have the song Bumble Bee from Aqua played in iTunes. I launched Evil Lyrics and immediately, the software started searching the lyrics imagefor me. Once the lyrics is up, all I have I have to do is select all of the lyrics and press CTRL+C (copy short-cut command) in my keyboard. Then back to iTunes, right click on the song and select Get Info. Choose the Lyrics tab and then click on the blank space, then press CTRL+V (paste) on your keyboard. Click Ok and you are done.
  5. You might be blaming me if you immediately synchronized your iPod Touch and excitedly played the song without reaping the fruits of your hard work. This is because iTunes can be STUPID most of the time. It does not automatically recognize the difference between the songs in your iPod and the songs in your PC. So, before syncing, uncheck first the that song, then click sync, after that recheck the song and click sync again. This will ensure that the song in your iPod is the one you have added album art and lyrics to. I know it sounds stupid but blame Apple, not me, after all, I'm merely a user. Frankly, if I have other BETTER than iTunes way of syncing my iPod, I have used that ages ago. CHEERS!

Probably next time, the guide will be how to use Media Monkey and TagRunner - that's if, somebody would ask for it. LoL


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