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Sync Videos/Movies to iPod Touch (Windows)

UPDATE!!! Here is an alternative of converting video to iPod Touch format.

image I have spent an hour or two with my iPod Touch when I realized it's time to upload video files. I have some old videos in asf, mpg, avi, and other various formats that I would to copy in my iPod when I realized that iTunes, the supposed software to copy video files to iPod Touch is not working. I tried dragging and dropping the files but it won't appear in the video library. I search the web for software that can convert other video file format to iPod Touch video format and found a FREE software which I'll be writing a blog about. Click here to download the software. The software is quite stable and almost all of my converted video files played well in my iPod. So follow the instructions below to have your video copied in your iPod. Also, if you want to have a copy iPod Touch Manual, click here.


  1. Download and install the software Jodix Free iPod Video Converter.
  2. Download and install the latest version of iTunes.
  3. Once done installing both software, it's time to convert the video files to iPod format. Click Start - All Programs - Jodix - Jodix Free iPod Video Converter.
  4. Click Add Files and navigate to the folder where your video files are stored. The Settings tab will appear. This option will allow you to VIEW (not edit) the information about the file/s to be converted. Click Next.
  5. The next section of the Settings tab allows you to control the Video Quality of the output video file. And of course, the better the quality, the larger the file size. You should consider having a minimal video quality, after all, the maximum capacity of iPod Touch is less than 16 GB. Click Next when you are done.
  6. The Tag Editor allows you to add information about the video file. This is useful if you have a large collection of video and want to archive and categorize your files. Click Ok when done.
  7. Click the Convert! button and your video file will now be converted. Once the conversion is done, open iTunes from Start - iTunes - iTunes.
  8. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where the converted video file was saved. Click and hold that video file and drag it to iTunes' Video Library. You should be able to see the file added to the library.
  9. Plug your iPod Touch using the USB cable that came with the package. If you have setup autosnyc, iTunes will automatically copy files in the library to your iPod. Say you did not activate autosync and you need to manually sync your iPod before files are copied.
  10. Click on the Devices and click on the little iPod Touch icon. You should see on your right pane the Summary window. Click the Movies tab. Make sure that the Sync Movies button is checked and that All Movies radio button is selected. Once done click Sync. This will copy the video/movie file/s to your iPod Touch.


I used Mozilla Firefox Beta 3 and DownloadHelper plugin to download the video from YouTube. Used Jodix Video Converter to convert the file and added the converted file to iTunes (drag-and-drop). Finally, synced it to iPod Touch.

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4 Responses to "Sync Videos/Movies to iPod Touch (Windows)"

Anonymous Says :
Mon Mar 31, 12:12:00 PM GMT+8


Anonymous Says :
Wed Apr 09, 09:52:00 AM GMT+8

Nice tutorial, I'm please that you made this.

Very nice software too. I'm converting Shaun of the Dead right now. :)

Anonymous Says :
Wed Mar 18, 09:53:00 AM GMT+8

thanks a lot

Anonymous Says :
Sat May 16, 11:35:00 PM GMT+8

There is a better tutorial for this. Here! This peace of software is really great.

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