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iPod Touch Jailbreak Tips (1.1.4 firmware)

After an overnight battle with my iPod not doing what I want it to do, I decided to post this blog. This may be a good tip before installing and restoring everything in your iPod Touch. The tips I'm giving here will probably ease the following problems:

1. won't install any applications anymore (this is due to lack of disk space in / directory) - this is just a hunch, I'm not quite sure about this.

2. says that you have low disk space.

3. says error during downloading the package (probably because you used BossTools to move the directory to /var/Applications) - again not quite sure, based on experience

4. Also, newly updated iPod Touch (esp. update to version 1.1.4) won't wiggle, I've experienced this and solved the darn problem with my touch


Now for the tips. But before that, I claim no responsibility of whatsoever if you screw your touch. Just read the tips and I think you'd be fine. By the way, I'm using an 8 GB iPod touch for this.

1. When you update to version 1.1.4, you should sync your iPod using iTunes. It seems that the latest version of iTunes is able to backup your settings and with that I mean is you can backup your contacts, email addresses stored in your touch and more. It won't hurt to backup.

2. Always have a copy of .ipsw file. You might want to restore the iPod after your screw up so you'd better have things ready. And in my case, I don't want to download 167 MB + file every time I restore. You can use Google to download these files.

3. When you restore you're iPod, try holding the SHIFT key and click Restore, this will make iTunes to manually look for the ipsw file, of course, you need to manually locate the files so always have them saved in a relatively "easy to remember folder" in your pc.

4. Before using BossTool in 1.1.4 to relocate Applications folder, make sure you have relocated the Fonts and other stuff first. And also, NEVER EVER try to relocate an iPod Touch with "many" applications installed, I tell you, you will really screw up big time when you do that. Not really fatal to your iPod but you'll regret why you have done that - I did. I would suggest to have a freshly jailbroken iPod and install the following: BSD subsystem, then the "extra iPod touch application - mail and etc", OpenSSH, Services and BossTool. All of these things are very useful, if you don't have then in your touch, then you must have them installed.

5. And if you screw up - try pressing and holding the Power and Home button at the same time at about 20 seconds or so. This will cause the iPod to go into Recovery mode and iTunes will ask you to whether restore your iPod or not.

6. Use WinSCP to copy files from your PC to the iPod touch. This is really helpful when you have weDict installed, there are dictionaries that take a lot of time to download especially if you have a slow internet connection.

7. For Summerboard users, there are fixes that might be helpful to you when your themes act weird. There are also fixes to the Weather icon so that your custom theme's icon can be used to display the Weather icon. Available in

8. If you really hate the auto correction function of the keyboard, then download the Kb2 from Installer and go to the keyboard settings.

I could write everything I did with my iPod but it won't be called "you're iPod" unless you do the customization yourself. This blog is just for tips. Learn from my mistake so that you won't be Restoring your iPod at least 3 times a day.. hahaha

If there is anything you want me to post regarding iPod touch, just post a comment of the topic you want discussed and I'll try to have something posted. Cheers!


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