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SUN Cellular Network Settings for iPhone 3Gs


After 2 days of phone tweaking, I finally found the correct settings that I need to make my iPhone 3Gs work with Sun Cellular’s MMS and Internet Services. Tried looking at my Nokia 5530 settings but did not get the proper settings until I’ve read this blog entry by Aice Lahora. And I think I’ve seen her at school.. Big Grin

Anyways, here is the catch. If you have email accounts registered in your mail app, you will be using the internet service. Mind you, it will cost around 15 pesos (not sure of this pricing though) for every 30 minutes and a minute is rounded off to 30 minutes (this is how telecom companies in the Philippines does the rounding off, if teachers used the same way, nobody will ever fail!). For this reason, I usually set my Edge and 3G services off all the time, except when I travel and need to use my phone as a GPS navigator.

Disclaimer: Use these settings at your own risk, which is paying thousands of pesos to a monthly bill because of playing with your iPhone. As if the price of the iPhone is not enough!!!Laughing

The settings are as listed below. Also make sure that the SIM you are using with your iPhone is already able to send and receive MMS as well as access the Internet when used with a Nokia or any other handset. Before using these settings, disable 3G service in your Settings, unless you are living in a city where 3G network is available for Sun Cellular.

Sun Cellular Internet and MMS Settings for iPhone 3Gs

Cellular Data

APN: minternet

Username: none

Password: leave blank


APN: mms

Username: none

Password: leave blank


MMS Proxy:

MSS Max Message Size: leave blank


So that’s it. Turn off Wifi and leave Edge (or 3G if available) turned on. Try browsing in Safari. Also try sending an MMS message.

Hope this will be useful to those people who love their iPhone as I do.Peace Sign

Add: For those who want to activate their Voice Mail in iPhone 3Gs using SUN SIM, dial in your phone *5005*86*200# and press Call. Then try opening your Voice Mail, it should now ask you for the PIN.

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