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Download iPhone/iPod Touch Firmware here!!!!


Here is a site where you can download, for FREE, iPod or iPhone firmware (ipsw file). It has the latest versions for both the iPhone and iPod, similar to what you can obtain if you would update your device using iTunes.

Aside from the free firmware download, the site also contain instructions on how to apply the firmware to your device.

Quick reminder to when using the firmware:

1. Use the firmware as exactly instructed in the site.

2. Make sure to identify your device properly so that you will download the right firmware. For the iPod touch and iPhone’s, make sure you know whether you have the first or second generations of the device. 1G is for the first generation iPhone and iPod and 2G for the second generation of the device.

3. Do note that when installing the firmware, you will loose all the data in your device. It would be better to perform a backup before doing the installation.

4. You can then jailbreak your iPod or iPhone after installing the firmware and doing the backup restore. The easiest way to jailbreak your device is by using blackra1n’s software.

5. If you want to go to the site where to download the firmware, just click the image above.

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