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Share Internet Connection Using your laptop's built-in WiFi (in Vista)

I have posted in my blog about sharing internet connection via wifi in XP - here, this time, I'll be posting almost the same tutorial but for Vista. This method is very easy compared to that of configuring XP. Follow the steps below. Also note that you will need 1 host pc that has LAN and WiFi connections (adapaters) and at least 1 client pc that has WiFi adapater (connection).

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Make sure you plug your desktop pc or laptop via LAN cable - ethernet connection that is. Also make sure that you have a live internet connection, that is, you can access internet in your desktop or laptop that has been plugged via LAN cable.

2. Once you have an internet connection you can now begin the wifi internet sharing configuration process.

3. Click vista orb (Start) then Control Panel then click Network and Sharing Center. You can also access Network and Sharing Center in the system tray. Right click your internet connection icon near the clock - usually the one that looks like 2 pc's with 3 little blue blobs in front, and click Network and Sharing Center.

4. On the Tasks option, select Setup a connection or network.

5. In the Choose a connection option, select Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network. Just click Next for the dialog boxes that would appear.

6. For the Network name, you can write anything you want. Then for the Security type, choose No authentication (Open). And make sure NOT TO SAVE the network settings by leaving the Save this network option unchecked and then click Next.

7. The final dialog box should give you an option to Share your internet connection. Click on this option and finish the configuration process. This pc will now become the host of other pc's to connect to. This will functions as some sort of an access points for other wireless laptops or pcs' with wireless adapters to connect to the internet.

8. Now you have setup the host pc, you need to have another pc or laptop with wireless network card or adapter.

9. Connect this pc to the host as if you are connecting to a wireless network. If you did exactly what was written in steps 1 to 7, you should now be surfing the web wirelessly through a shared internet connection fro a pc that is connected to the a

LAN cable that has internet access.

NOTES: Whenever the host pc restarts, you must reconfigure the wifi settings, that is, you need to follow steps 1 to 7 again. Also for the client pcs', make sure NOT TO SAVE the network since it is only temporary.

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