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Virtual PC 2007: Run windows OS within windows OS environment

This software is way than cool. Probably its just me, but all I can say is that this is a heck of a software. Imagine having a software where you can run another operating system. Say you have Windows XP installed in your PC, and want to run Windows 98 on the same pc without turning off your pc in the first place? Check this site for more info.

Are you ready to rock? Follow the instructions below:
  1. Make sure you have Windows XP SP2 or better installed (Vista Recommended) in your pc and that the drive where you installed your OS is in NTFS format and that you have enough RAM (1 GB or better). Also, you need a large hard drive, 80 GB or better. (New info after tweaking around with the software: This uses a lot of CPU, you need at leat 1.6 GHz processor and 64 Mb memory card).
  2. Make an ISO copy of any OS that you want to install and save it somewhere in your pc. You can use UtraISO to make an ISO file.
  3. Install Virtual PC 2007 and follow the instructions.
  4. Run Virtual PC 2007 and click Next when prompted with the welcome screen.
  5. From the Options, select Create Virtual Machine and click Next.
  6. In the name and location box, type the name of your OS, say you'll be installing Windows 98, try to have a name Widows 98 Virtual PC. and click Next. By default, the folder where this file will be saved is in My Documents under My Virtual Machines folder.
  7. Once prompted with the operating system option, choose which operating system you are installing, in this case Windows 98.
  8. You have the option to change the RAM usage for the OS and I suggest you use 512 MB. Makes everything a little it faster.
  9. Once prompted for the Virtual Hard Disk Option, select A new virtual hard disk and click Next.
  10. By default, leave everything as it is in this option and click Next and then click Finish. You're almost done!
  11. From your Virtual PC Console, select Windows 98 Virtual PC (assuming you followed step 6, if you have a different file name, use that one) and choose Start.
  12. Once started you would have a dark screen, as if you have you pc rebooted but in a window-mode - sweet eh! Now this is quite annoying sometimes, once you click your screen in your virtual machine, the mouse pointer could be stuck in that window and you'd probably be blaming me for doing this in the first place. Just press the RIGHT Alt button in your keyboard and you can now select anything outside the window.
  13. Similar to new pc without OS, you'd get Reboot and Select Proper device option. Select the CD menu from your Virtual Machine Window and select Capture ISO image and browse to the folder where you have saved your ISO file.
  14. Back in your Virtual Machine Window, press Enter. Your system should reboot by then and that your OS will start the installation (assuming your OS CD used to create the ISO file is bootable).
  15. From here, it's like installing an OS in a new pc.

Nice eh!?! Wondering what's the use of this software? Imagine having a lot of software to test. Installing and uninstalling softwares make your system a little "dirty" every time. It's because not all info and registry entries for an installed software will be uninstalled. That why it's good to have a testing ground for software installation - a virtual ground.


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