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Windows Vista wifi connection problems


I have a Sony Vaio laptop loaded with Windows Vista SP 1. My problem with its wifi connection started when I was trying to connect to our office’s wifi. Not only that, all laptop’s running Vista had the same problem. The Network Connection icon image does not display internet connection, or it displays internet connection however any web browser can’t connect to the internet.

So I search the web for  an answer to this problem and I found out that it’s not only me that’s having the same problem. In one of the posts, I have encountered a software solution to this problem. Most people resolved their Vista wifi connection issues by running something that is not available in Vista Home and Home Premium editions. So I downloaded the software called Vista DHCP Broadcast Fix 1.1 and it solved my problem. I hope it will work with your wifi connection issues too.

You can download the software via RapidShare here and follow the step-by-step guide to fix your internet connection below.

Step-by-Step Guide to fixing Windows Vista wifi connection problems

  1. Download Vista DHCP Broadcast Fix 1.1.
  2. You need to copy this software anywhere in your hard drive, do not run this on a mapped network drive or from the network.
  3. Run Vista DHCP Broadcast Fix 1.1 as administrator. To do that, right click on its icon and select Run as administrator.
  4. If prompted with the UAC (User Access Control = User Annoyance Control Big Grin), just click continue and you will a window like the one below. image
  5. What you need to do first is identify which of your adapter is for you wifi connection. So click Query Adapters.
  6. Once you have the query results, look for anything that says Wireless in the Description column, that should be your wireless network adapter.
  7. Now in the Adapter column, click the name of your wifi adapter and make sure that it is selected. You will know that it is selected because it will be highlighted blue.
  8. Once selected, click Apply Fix. It will say something about you praying for the fix to work. Big Grin Just click Ok. It worked for me, it might also work for you. I hope…
  9. Now you have been asked to Restart, so do a restart.

By now, your wifi connection should be solved. If you still have questions, just post a comment on this page or send me an email. If you find this information  useful, you can Digg this page.

Hope this helps…

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9 Responses to "Windows Vista wifi connection problems"

Narayan Says :
Wed Jun 17, 06:59:00 PM GMT+8

The problem is that when I'm not able to connect to the internet, how can I download this software?


Anonymous Says :
Tue Jun 23, 09:59:00 AM GMT+8

How are you able to comment when you're not able to connect to the internet?


Anonymous Says :
Fri Jul 17, 03:27:00 PM GMT+8

wow, it actually worked! I love you:) really, thanks a lot!

Anonymous Says :
Fri Jul 31, 01:02:00 AM GMT+8

After sometime connected to the wifi it said, "limited connectivity" and i can not access the internet. it happens only in vista. plz tell me a solution how to configure my vista wifi connection??

Anonymous Says :
Mon Sep 28, 05:02:00 PM GMT+8

Thanks a million for this. Extremely easy to use with instantaneous results.

Steve T

Anonymous Says :
Sat Feb 20, 10:45:00 PM GMT+8


Anonymous Says :
Wed Apr 20, 02:43:00 PM GMT+8

I spent hours trying to repair this problem, and this finally fixed it!

Anonymous Says :
Wed Jun 29, 08:19:00 AM GMT+8

I have 2 laptops (1 old vista, 1 new Win7) at a campground w/wifi, oldie couldnt connect no matter what I tried in the network settings, diagnostics, etc. Loaded this into it via flash drive, and upon reboot the connection was working before the widgets loaded up!

Thanks for great software!

Will @ KOA campground, Waldport, Oregon, June 28,2011

Anonymous Says :
Mon Apr 23, 03:55:00 PM GMT+8

Fixed on all my laptops! Thank you greatly sir!

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