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Software Review 4: CCleaner - the fastest way to clean your pc


CCleaner is a free software that I use for maintaining my temporary Internet Explorer folder cleaned. I've seen the software progress for from than 3 years now and every release is better than the previous. So, what can it do? Well, it will give that one click ability to clean unnecessary files in your pc. I usually did the cleaning of temporary files, such as log files, temp files, and Internet Explorer files, using a batch file in Windows 98, now why do that in my machine if I have CCleaner. Aside from that, using this software I was able to delete .NET framework which the Add/Remove Program that came with windows would not allow me to remove. This software is a must have for people who want to have an easy way to clean and maintain their pc. Also, it has this registry cleaner that I find sufficient for computer maintenance. All in all, the rating that I would give for this software if 5 out of 5.

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