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Software Review 3: Diskeeper - an alternative to Microsoft's disk defragmenter

Diskeeper is a software that can automate the defragmentation process of your pc and is provided as trialware. Unlike the regular defragmentation procedure of Window's built-in disk defragment program, diskeeper can do a lot better with its Set-it and Forget-it option. Upon installation, you can set the software to defragment drives, including external hard drives, every time it has reached certain level of file and folder fragmentation. What you will see is a small disk icon in your system tray indicating that diskeeper is defragmenting your disks. You can also set the software to continuously defragment your drive in a scheduled time. Now this option is different from that I previously mentioned with the fact that for the indicated time, diskeeper will keep doing the defragmentation job once it has finished. There are a lot of other options, such as boot time defragmentation and manual defragmentation.image

Pros: Good defragmentation threshold gives this software ultimate functionality as a maintenance tool while using minimum resources. Also, the Set-it and Forget-it option will make setting the software one-time hussle and the rest is fully automated.

Cons: Because the software automatically defragments your drive, there are cases when you will notice machine slow-down especially when playing games, and I even had an experience when WW3 crashed when I was winning the game because it has to defragment my drive. And since this is trialware, you have to pay for it after the trial period, but this is a good software worth paying for.

Conclusion: Good maintenance software for most users. If you have a machine that it say 10 years old, this is not the software for you. LoL


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2 Responses to "Software Review 3: Diskeeper - an alternative to Microsoft's disk defragmenter"

Anonymous Says :
Mon May 05, 03:44:00 PM GMT+8

We have installed this at our firm and the tech guys are much the happier for the freedom from manual defrags. And yes, since it works on idle resources, there is no obstruction of normal work. Its a cost saving method of tackling fragmentation as the manual work involved in runnin defrag on PCs can be a lot.

Anonymous Says :
Wed May 07, 08:35:00 PM GMT+8

Another option is PerfectDisk, which can run in the background but can also be scheduled so it will not interfere with games such as WW3, so if you're winning, you can keep winning.

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