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Make Windows XP look like Vista


Here is the thing. Windows Vista looks great but I hate the way it works. When you change something, there is this annoying that keeps popping up asking you to confirm everything. Its as if I do not know what I am doing. Those people from Microsoft really pushed the concept of computer engineers designing a software too far: "when you design a software, always presume that the dumbest person on earth will use it" . Besides this, the darn OS eats a lot of resources, even a 2-Gig RAM would hardly compare to Windows XP's performance. Setting these things as basis, I decided to stay with XP but modified it to look like Vista. This was done using Vista Transformation Pack version 8.1. You can search the web to download this file.





This is a screen shot of my pc after doing the transformation. Here, I only used the vista orb to make the windows icon (start menu) to look better, everything else was disable - side bar, the clock and etc. So, let's get started then.



  • Vista Transformation Pack version 8.1 from Windows X Shrine's website (other transformation pack exists such as those from Bricko)
  • Complete Windows XP update (post Service Pack 2 update) - I am not sure if this is really needed but after my second transformation having these installed, everything was working great
  • Clean installation of XP (recommended but not necessary)
  • The best thing to do the transformation is in Safe Mode




NOTE: I did not boot my pc in Safe Mode during the tutorial. I also used a Virtual Machine to perform transformation. This procedure might go really wrong if you would not let it finish. It may take some time for the procedure to complete so be patient. When asked to reboot, do reboot.


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2 Responses to "Make Windows XP look like Vista"

Genevaive Says :
Tue Apr 22, 12:15:00 PM GMT+8

months ago my pc also has a theme similar to that of vista even though i'm actually having windows xp..

but something went wrong I guess.....

in layman's terms: "nagkamang" ako pc.......

maybe it doesn't match with my pc...

any suggestions sir? heheh.......

jeperneo Says :
Wed Apr 23, 03:48:00 PM GMT+8


unsahon 2ng macontrol nmo ako laptop?

tnx =)

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